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Gina Goodwin Riley JD, Esq. MA LPCC (Gia Riley)

Gina “Gia” Riley is a licensed yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga

for over 27 years. She has been dancing since she could walk and was in her first dance performance at age 3, Gia has studied a verity of dance over the years from ballet, tap, and jazz to modern and lyrical. Gia began belly dancing in 2004. Gia has performed as a professional belly dancer at weddings, private parties, events and in many venues and shows. Gia was a back up dancer, a member of the Belly Girls Dance Troop and then the founder and head choreographer of Samadhi Belly Dance. Gia founded Project D.A.N.C.E (Denver Arts and Cultural Education) in Denver, CO in 2013.  She began teaching yoga in 2005 and began certifying yoga instructors as a cocreator of the BodyMind Yoga Teacher Training Level I and II in 2014. Gia  began teaching dance in 2013 (almost 10 years ago) and has taught .mindfulness, meditation, yoga, philosophy, and dance classes in Mexico, Costa Rica,  and throughout the United States.

Gia is also a licensed Attorney and Clinical Mental Health Therapist with a focus on family counseling, couples counseling, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, and neurodivergent and gifted and talented individuals. She obtained her Juris Doctor, Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health, and Bachelor of Science Degree. Gia provides coaching and counseling services in Denver, Colorado. 


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